"With her writing we feel what it is to go to somewhere new and find ourselves giving in."

- Laurie Kallis, Managing Director

for Life Rattle

Published Non-Fiction

Rain Dance
Totally Unknown Writers Festival

Life Rattle Press New Writers Series

ISBN 978-1-987936-11-7

"Rain Dance" is a travelogue. Through Natasha's superb detail, we learn of a place and meet the locals and the visitors, who all are touched by droplets from the sky. Water has sprung forth in the small Quebec town before, as Natasha casually reminds us. With her writing we feel what it is to go to somewhere new and find ourselves giving in." - Laurie Kallis, Managing Director for Life Rattle

To listen to my podcast recording of Rain Dance on Life Rattle Radio, please visit the Life Rattle website.

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Bonne Fête
Passing Through: Stories About Places

Life Rattle Press New Writers Series

Collected And Edited By: Robert Grant Price

ISBN 978-1-987936-10-0 (paperback)

Synopsis from Life Rattle website:


"In Passing Through, twenty-one new authors write about the places they know best and the places they visited only once but will never forget.

Between these covers, readers will discover twenty-six stories detailing life in places as public as New York City and as secret as a military bunker; in places as familiar as home and as strange as foreign lands; in places as quiet as an island morning and as frenzied as a night club.

Meet the characters who make a place unique. Learn the unspoken social etiquette of college and the rules for navigating a hookup joint. Discover lonely corners and spots where you'll never be alone."

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Renaissance Magazine
The Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) Magazine

Spring 2018 Issue

To visit article, please click here (and jump to page 29).

Renaissance Magazine Cover.png

This publication is distributed in print and archived in digital format. This was a magazine ad in which I was given the opportunity to come up with what I believe would engage with RTO members.


I wanted to showcase some examples of actual perks / discounts that RTO members had access to through the Venngo memberperks program. The objective of this piece is to drive conversion and have RTO members use their memberperks or go online and create an account if they do not already have one. This is in old branding.

Renaissance Magazine Spring 2018.png
The official blog of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

May 2, 2018

Excerpt from article:

"Small savings add up in a big way, and saving is even easier with memberperks® for OSPE.


OSPE members have access to over 2000 exclusive perks and discounts on popular national brands and local businesses! Browse through categories on our web platform or use the Venngo app to locate perks on the go. Maximize your savings by sharing your memberperks® with your entire household."

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The Medium

March 16, 2015

Excerpt from article:

"Amid essay deadlines, tests, and group projects, it can be difficult to eat healthy. Thoughts about food are often pushed to the bottom of our priority list as we channel all our time and energy into classes and assignments. But Chartwells and Hospitality and Retail Services have tried to draw the focus back in that direction by partnering to create a unique cooking class experience for students..."

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University of Toronto

February 25, 2015

Excerpt from article:

"122 UTM students. 16 community partners. One Alternative Reading Week.

Last week, 122 U of T Mississauga students worked with 16 community partners to give back to the Peel region community, gain skills, and meet other students and professionals. Over the three-day period, students worked with groups including Habitat for Humanity, the Eden Community Food Bank, and the United Way of Peel Region."

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Copywriting that Sells

The following copywriting samples are pieces that I wrote for a "Copywriting that Sells" class at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies in 2016.

30 Second Radio Commercial

5 Drive-In Theatre Oakville


SFX:                                                     [Whimsical, orchestral classic drive-In movie music]


Announcer (Male strong voice):               We’re reeling it back to the good ol’ days at Five Drive-In Theatre in Oakville!


                                                           Pairing classic design with modern technology, Five Drive-In offers your choice of double                                                            features on three separate screens, all for just twelve dollars! On Thursday, load up the                                                              car and have the whole gang watch for just eighteen dollars!


                                                           Enjoy juicy burgers, hotdogs, and buttery popcorn from our retro pop shop.


                                                           Create your own magic moment under the stars tonight.


SFX:                                                     [Twinkling sound]


Announcer (Male strong voice):               Five Drive-In Oakville.


5 Drive-In Theatre is a Drive-In Theatre located in Oakville. It was established in the 1970s and is owned and operated by Premier Operating. It has 3 operating theatre screens and a bar for burgers, hotdogs, popcorn, and snacks. The UPS is that this is not only a movie service, but it is a retro, “magical” experience, and you can enjoy the movie under the stars.


This radio ad is an Announcer/Voice-Over type advertisement. This method directly informs the listener about the service, and should inspire them to imagine what their classic movie moment could be like. This works for any person, whether it is between them and a lover, or a mother with her young children, or a girl and her group of friends.

Full Page VCVC Soda Print Ad


Photograph of VC² can on centre-right side of page. Pop can is in focus and background colours of black and dark mahogany brown are faded. The can sits upon a gleaming wooden counter in what looks like a bar counter. Behind the counter wall is lined with shelves and what looks like bottles and cans. Most of the colour on the page is black or dark.


The text is coloured white. Headline is on top left corner. Body text just below it in smaller font. On the bottom left corner is the logo and the slogan.




Show them what it’s like to taste rebellion.



Join the blacklist. On October 31st, toast the new uprising. VC²’s daring new concoction of cola infused with red cherry and deviously sweet vanilla, plus the caffeine kick you crave that curbs the crash. Consider this soda your ticket to the black market.

VC² available in select stores only. Find out where at www.vcvc.com.



Show them what it’s like.

Print Brochure Pizza Ad


The front page of the three-fold brochure shows the By the Piece Pizzeria logo front and centre. Below are the headline and then the subhead. A cut-out is placed above the logo. The die-cut follows the edge of the logo then follows the frame on the left, top, and right side. The die-cut shows an image of Roman architecture, the prominent colour being beige.  The image is on the inside panel once the front brochure page is flipped open. The image fades where the logo on the front page is located and on the page where it is printed, the copy begins.




It’s an art. Indulge your senses with artisanal Italian pizza.


Body copy:


Inside panel right:


By The Piece Pizzeria brings you authentic Italian pizza, masterfully crafted for exceptional taste. We use the freshest and finest ingredients in all our dishes, sourced from Italian farms and local farmers in Ontario. Our recipes, passed down through generations, promise the true taste of Italy – thin crust pizzas, homemade tomato sauce, and just the right balance of melted cheese and tasty toppings.


Italy’s beautiful regions each have their own pizza specialties – we’re bringing Italian taste to Toronto. All our food is made fresh to order. Every ingredient and topping is thoughtfully selected to bring out the best in flavour. Our attention to detail creates not only an incredible pizza, but a memorable experience.


Enjoy a night out at one of our exclusive resto bars. Inspired by Italian architecture, music, and art, our pizzerias reflect the best in European style. Or, if you want to take the experience home, By the Piece Pizzeria also offers take-out in European-style delivery.*


*Additional charges may apply to delivery.


Inside panel left:


Win a trip for 2 to Italy! Explore Italy’s art scene!


Buy any medium or large pizza and enter to win a week-long trip of your choice to: Florence, Sicily, Parma, Venice, Rome, or Milan. Flights, accommodation, art museums and guided tours included.


Upon purchase, leave your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address on a provided ballot. Contest ends on December 31st, 2016. Winner will be notified by phone or email on January 1st, 2016.

Google Ads

Google Ad #1


Headline: Bake your cake and eat it too!


Display URL: petradecor.info


Line #1: Hand-painted fondant flowers.


Line #2: Perfect for every project, every baker.


Photo of hand-painted fondant flowers on top of white, minimalist cake.


The target market for Petra International, a baking supply warehouse that specializes in high-quality fondant flowers, is women ages 16 to 60 years of age. This does not exclude men, but is catered more towards women. This includes young bakers and students who have an interest in baking as a hobby, or sell baked goods on the side. This includes new mothers, stay at home moms, and middle-ages women who bake in their free time or after work. This includes professional bakers who use the products in art shows and to make wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and more. The income level for this clientele can range between a $10,000-$100,000 salary. There are more affordable products and more luxurious products that appeal to the many different consumers.


Keywords: Cake, baking, baker, fondant, edible flowers, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, fondant flowers, gumpaste flowers



Google Ad #2


Headline: Aritzia’s Cohen Pant


Display URL: aritzia.com/product/cohen-pant


Line #1: Luxury meets everyday chic.


Line #2: Take 9 to 5, happy hour, and afterwards in your own stride.


Photo of young woman wearing the Cohen Pant, carrying leather briefcase, walking down street in the high-end Yorkville neighbourhood in Toronto.


The target market for Aritzia is the student and the young woman, which can range between the ages of 16-30. The clothing line is created to be effortlessly chic. Simple, clean, minimalist designs of superior quality made from imported materials, often from Japan. They are a higher-end clothing line that is a step above H&M and Zara, and a few leaps below luxury fashion houses. Their clothing ranges in price from $50 for a T-shirt to $145 for a pair of premium pants, to $325 for an autumn jacket. Thus, the supposed salary could be for this customer, between $30,000-$80,000. The Cohen Pant, in particular, is a work pant, that comes in black, beige, white, and a deep plum purple. The target market for this product is the young working woman who can wear them to work, and after work.


Keywords: Work pants, fashion, working woman, basic black pants,  best-selling, chic, city fashion, work wear, evening wear



Google Ad #3


Headline: Own your part of the Toronto skyline.


Line #1: Lakeside living with a view.


Line #2: Waterfront Condo Tower


Photo of rendered image of condo on Toronto skyline with builder logo.


This type of luxury condo, affixed with amenties that include a rooftop pool, cabana, bar, tennis court, bocce ball court, full gym and spa room, art room, music room, communal kitchen with cooking classes, and much more, is created for the wealthy purchaser who wants a condo lifestyle in mind. This condo offers everything that you could want in a condo, in Toronto’s prime lakeshore location right downtown. This is catered towards investors who have money to purchase with intent to rent out the room and make income. This is catered towards people who want to live right downtown with a view and live in luxury.


Keywords: Condo, Toronto, Toronto condo, residence, luxury, luxury residence, condominium, GTA, Greater Toronto Area, down payment, amenities, lakeshore, lakeside, Queens Quay, Toronto skyline, Toronto lakeshore

Product Descriptions


Swapsity is a company that provides a platform for people in Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area to swap and trade their products, items, and skills. As the Communications Intern, I wrote Facebook blurbs, Tweets, some of which can be viewed here. I wrote the product listing descriptions and arranged the formatting for over 20 weekly newsletters. A sample of some of the listings are below.

Swapsity Ad Listing 12
Swapsity Ad Listing 6
Swapsity Ad Listing 5
Swapsity Ad Listing 8
Swapsity Ad Listing 7
Swapsity Ad Listing 10
Swapsity Ad Listing 11
Swapsity Ad Listing 9
Swapsity Ad Listing 3
Swapsity Ad Listing 1
Swapsity Ad Listing 4
Swapsity Ad Listing 2