Paris the Series: Shakespeare and Co.

A must visit for any book-lover, Shakespeare and Co. is a must-see. I very quickly became a regular. Just across the river is Notre Dame, which makes this bookstore an easy place to add to your list of places to experience.

You're not allowed to take photos inside, so I respected that rule. Like any bookstore, they have different rooms to separate genres and style. Shakespeare and Co. has two levels. If you buy a book, make sure to ask the cashier to stamp it and they'll stamp the inside flap with the store insignia. To go upstairs, there is a very narrow, steep staircase lined with little books.

The rooms upstairs are tranquil, and you can find people reading in different corners, or scribbling in notebooks. There is a piano in one, which looks as if it has been there for a very long time. The keys are faded and so is the sound, a softened, muted, melody. A typewriter is hidden in almost a fort of books, where there is room only for one to sit on the chair. Little notes from people all over the world are scribbled onto receipts, sticky notes, anything that they can write on. Names, cities, and countries, from people who have sat there before you stick to the walls and the ceiling. You can add your own words of encouragement or your name and leave your mark at Shakespeare and Co.

I picked up a copy of The Paris Review (it's all in English).

During morning and afternoon hours, Shakespeare and Co. Cafe is open and you're able to order the standard cafe treats. Seating is scarce and it's always busy, but it's great to stop by anyway. The cafe is extremely cozy and welcoming.



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