Paris the Series: Food - Cafes & Pastries

Coffee shop hunting is Paris is every coffee-lover's dream. Although it's hardly a hunt - it's as if they come find you. Along every street and corner, you will not be short of coffee. Even more beautiful are the coffee shops with the wicker chairs and swatches of red and white in checker. Get your coffee, take out your book, and people-watch.

Café Kitsuné

Adjacent to le palais royale, Café Kitsuné is an Instagram favourite. Let's be real. That's how a lot of us find new places to eat and drink, right? It is a very photogenic cafe. The space inside is small, and the row of seats along the wall are the only seats they have. It is small, cozy, and intimate. If you don't find seating, grab a fox-shaped cookie and a coffee, and take a stroll in the garden.


Aki Boulanger

French pastries with Japanese flavours - a most desirable combination. I visited the Chinese quarter with my friend Aurora and she brought me to this amazing Japanese-French bakery. In addition to food, they offer all of the classic French treats - croissants, chocolatines, eclairs, madeleines, macarons, the whole spoof. They are well-known for their matcha green tea flavour, which is my personal favourite. They have variety of other flavours for cakes such as melon, coconut, and more. As you can see I got my eclair and tiramisu below in matcha green tea!

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

I walked past this bakery a few times a week, and always marvelled at the beauties in the window. They always had a line going out the door. I tried a different place each time; I never went back to the same boulangerie twice. There are so many delicious things to try, and so many temptations all around. I finally caved one day and hopped in line with everyone else. I ordered a single coffret de mini, a chocolate one. You can see a row of them in my second picture. It melts in your mouth, and it's so light, Just like that, it's gone. Time for another?


I did not take any pictures here, but I wanted to give Anti-Café a shout-out anyway. It's a good place to get work done on your laptop, the place seemed to be filled mostly with students. It's also a great place for a casual meet-up with friends. You clock in with the baristas once you get there, and you pay once for an all-access cafe! Essentially, instead of paying per cup of coffee, or per loaf of cake, you pay a rate that is determined by your length of stay (and it is very inexpensive I'll say), and you can order and try as many lattes as you want. It's a really cool space.


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