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Tourism Australia

Best Jobs in the World Campaign

Facebook Event Description:

You’re invited to the biggest and best Australian-Themed Party around! You'll have a chance to apply for one of The Best Jobs in the World, enjoy the ultimate Aussie Experience and partake in the WWF at UTM Club end of the year celebrations!


Want to travel? Want to work abroad? Here’s your chance to find out more! AUSTRALIA is one of the top destinations to go to for WORK and for PLAY.

Come & find out how YOU can have one of The Best Jobs in the World! and follow the hashtag #GetTheBestJob

Lifestyle Photographer
Outback Adventurer
Park Ranger
Taste Master
Wildlife Caretaker
Chief Funster

All positions offer $100,000AUD compensation and a 6 month experience you won't forget! Come see why Australia is the social hub with unique access to the wild down under.

How do you apply? It’s easy and fun! Just submit a 30-second video on why YOU should have that job. We’ll have a videographer at the event equipped with a Samgsung Galaxy Camera to help you film your application video. Plus we’ll fun props and more to make your submission creative and stand out! We’ll then forward the video to you and you may complete your application yourself. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, April 9th.

Not sure if you want one of the best jobs in the world? Drop by anyways and join the party! We have freebies including; sunglasses, luggage tags, koala finger puppets, and contest prizes like; shirts, back packs, flip flops and more!

This is a party and opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Invite all your friends! Invite your family! Invite your neighbour! See you there, mate!

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Job Position 3
Job Position 4
Job Position 5
Job Position 6

Target Market:​ Student or young professional

He or she is a student at the University of Toronto, searching for job opportunities and prospects. Let's call her Danica. She is 20 years old, lives on residence, and is involved in many on campus extra-curriculars. Her peers range between the age of 18-24. He or she is always on the lookout for job opportunities and prospects. Danica also enjoys travelling. She appreciates different cultures and trying new foods. She is social media savvy and enjoys sharing photos and videos online with her friends.​

Key Messaging:

  • Australia is one of the best places to work in the world!

  • Find your dream job in Australia! The perfect job exists for everyone.

  • Apply for one of Australia's "Best Jobs in the World" right here at our event! We will film your application video, provide you with props, and submit your application.

Activation Objective:

Bring brand awareness of Tourism Australia to students and young professionals. Increase number of Canadian applicants to the Best Jobs in the World jobs list. Introduce or reignite the idea of working abroad, specifically in Australia. Give people a small taste of Australia through food, activities, and photographs.

  • Introduction

Volunteers greet Danica at the welcome table outside the event room. She informs her that this is an event promoting Tourism Australia's Best Jobs in the World campaign. She informs her that she is able to apply for jobs inside, there is free food, and there is a DJ spinning music and contests.

  • Facebook event

  • Facebook page

  • Facebook Ad

  • Print posters on campus

  • Flyer handouts

  • E-mail blasts

  • Engagement

Danica enters the room and eats food, sees the slideshow on the wall, and mingles with people. I approach her or a volunteer meets her and tells her more about the "Best Jobs in the World." She learns about the different positions available and is brought over to our video station. A volunteer provides Danica with suggestions as to what to say in the application video and gives her props she may use if she pleases.

Greeting Table
Event Execution:
Australia cupcakes
  • Prizing

Afterwards if she would like to stay longer, she can participate in games and contents. There is a Tim Tams house building contest. There is also a costume competition to dress one person in each team as each job position (Wildlife Caretaker, Tastemaster, Lifestyle Photographer). Each person leaves with a prize, whether it is small or grand. Prizzes include branded backpacks, T-shirts, beach balls, flip flops, sunglasses, and magnetic koalas.

  • Outro

Each person also leaves with a small flyer print-out about the Best Jobs in the World jobs application if they would like to apply later. Thank Danica for her time and wish her a good day. Drive her to the Facebook page and tell her to like the page, as photographs from the event will be posted on there shortly. Follow-up with all participants who have liked the Facebook page and post pictures. Share link and information on how to send in a video application. Remind people of the upcoming deadline and create a final push for submissions.

  • Execution


She learns about the different positions available and is brought over to our video station. A volunteer provides Danica with suggestions as to what to say in the application video and gives her props she may use if she pleases.

In one week's time, I planned, promoted, and executed an experiential marketing event for Tourism Australia's Best Jobs in the World Campaign.


Your dream job awaits for you in Australia. The "Best Jobs in the World" are now accepting applications once again! Australia is the best place in the world to work, play, and live.


Number of applications filmed: 31

Number of prizes distributed: 100

Event Attendance: 120

Demographics: Students from all University of Toronto campuses


I received these images from the Tourism Australia website and from my contacts.


YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange

Program Coordinator

As a Program Coordinator for the YMCA, I autonomously planned and executed a 6 week educational language exchange program. For privacy reasons, I have not added photos. If you want to know more, ask me about it!

ICCIT Academic Council

Year end Gala


I contacted all sponsorship opportunities and received over $2000 in funding and in-kind donations. I also contributed to the outreach and promotion of the gala. I provided input to the planning and logistics. ICCIT Gala photos by (C) Leslie Seto and Aymen Khan Photography.